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The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

18 Feb, by LD in PROJECTS

Warner Bros. Intl. Marketing 2014 Jason Friedman producer, James Jones Creative director, Lawrence Duenas animation design, Michelle Jabrowski designer, Jeijung Bei animation design

Big Bang Theory promo

01 Oct, by LD in PROJECTS

Warner Bros Marketing 2011- design and animation, Heather Johnson producer, James Jones creative director  

Verizon Sizzle for CES 2011 presentation

28 Oct, by LD in PROJECTS

Paranoid U.S. 2010- Guillame Raffi Creative Director, Matej Purg Executive Producer Chris Harlowe, Producer Lawrence Dueñas, lead design, direction and animation Tristen Pease, story board artist Joe Shakula, 2d animation Joey  Labartunek, illustration and 2d animation John Kim, 3d animation

My Multiview

28 Oct, by LD in PROJECTS

  Digital Kitchen Los Angeles 2010- Jessica Scharer producer, Jim Pierce art director design layout and animation done in aftereffects and composited 3d moves done in cinema 4d

Cold Case Promo

28 Oct, by LD in PROJECTS

  Warner Bros Marketing 2009- James Jones creative director, Jason Friedman producer/editor 2d layout and animation in after effects, the end slate was built in and animated in cinema 4d and composited in after effects

MOVE IT music video

27 Oct, by LD in PROJECTS

music artist: client: DreamWorks Animation Paramount Pictures Interscope Records Character animation by DreamWorks Shine credits: Creative Director; Michael Riley Executive Producer; Bob Swensen Editor/producer; Adam Bluming Designer/Animator; Dru Nget Designer-/Animator; Zee Nederlander-Designer/Animator; Lawrence Dueñas-Designer/Animator; Ara Devejian-Designer/Animator; Mike Cahill my part; design layout and animation…